Mal-Amanhados – Os Novos Corsários das Ilhas


Mal-Amanhados – Os Novos Corsários das Ilhas


A book adaptation of the hit TV series Mal-Amanhados - Os Novos Corsários das Ilhas, from RTP Açores.
This book not only contains the testimonies of the protagonists of the show. It also includes Diogo Rola's photographic collection and Onésimo Teotónio Almeida's foreword, filming chronicles, contributions from the three writers of the series, some peculiar insights about the backstage, confessions, secrets, and curiosities that will greatly please those who followed the series, and hundreds of feedback messages that the adventure received from all corners of the world via social networks.


"It's late August and three Mal-Amanhados fellows are looking for dinner on the island of Terceira. The Búzios, in Porto Martins, is full; the Tasca do Ramo Grande is closed; will the Moinhos satisfy our hunger? And suddenly, in the last lights of the magic hour, Cristóvam - author of the soundtrack for the series - shows this scribe and the director of the show the oldest chapel on the island, erected by a stream in São Sebastião. Running water, the magic ingredient of all the settlers, and the reason Terceira's life began there. Diogo Rola and I looked at each other between amazement and shyness; we had no idea. This writer applies a virtual lash to his own back. Meanwhile, we still haven't managed to eat yet. We should have made reservations (another thing I didn't know). On Wednesday we went for good to Rocha do Porto Judeu. It is there, a couple of hours later, and with a movie moonlight shining over the goat islets, that I make peace with my new discovery (a double whiskey also helped, I admit). There would always be so much more to say, walk, talk and do on these 9 islands. Our adventure was just that, ours. An autobiographical perspective, a declaration of love from these and not from others. It was even Christian who projected his words onto Roxanne's balcony, without Cyrano whispering them to him. Sincere, from the heart. Would there be more seasons to do in the archipelago? Without a doubt. Two, three, four, so many. Is there any chance of a sequel? To rephrase Jorge Palma: while there is sea to sail. In the meantime came the surprising invitation for an adventure book. This is the one the reader is now looking at. Like the television saga, the literary version was lived in confinement and at a distance. Perhaps a metaphor for the loneliness to which nearly six centuries of history have condemned us. But - as in the past - this did not prevent new cruises from the islands, telegraph cables, correspondence of the most diverse kind. We were far away, but never far away, in this departure that the 21st century played on everyone. Now it was with zoom and skype and whatsapp and email and the like that islanders and ports, goals and corsairs came closer together. Because the Azorean always finds a way. And for these and other reasons this volume has about 300 authors, yes, 300. It begins, obviously, in an attempt to transcribe the soul of all our protagonists in each chapter; and ends with a selection of the massive echoes that arrived from literally everywhere, via social networks. The village proved to be global when its inhabitants needed it most. And we felt that, truly, love was paid for with love. In the hundreds of pages that now preserve forever what in the so-called magic box fades away, there are many hermitages of San Sebastian. That is to say: unpublished, Atlantic treasures, challenges to new emotional adventures with the territory that honors us so much. A house with nine rooms where it is urgent to live. Look for the wonder".

Luís Filipe Borges

Coordination: Luís Filipe Borges, Nuno Costa Santos and Alexandre Borges

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3ª Edição – 2020




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Luís Filipe Borges


He is 43 years old but you still can't believe it. Azorean, comedian, screenwriter, trainer in Creative Writing, announcer, Benfica fan, presenter. He graduated in Law but has been disappointing his family since "A Revolta dos Pastéis de Nata", and with remarkable regularity: "Zapping", "Conta-me História", "5 p/a Meia-Noite", "Manobras de Diversão", "3 é Demais", "Caveman", "Sempre em Pé". A regular contributor to the press and radio, he does about 40 shows a year and has written a few things he is proud of: a couple of books, the "Freedom XXI" series, "Here So Far Away", "Tell Me How It Was", "On a Tightrope", "The World Doesn't End This Way", and the vows for his marriage. "Mal-Amanhados - The New Corsairs of the Isles" is his debut as a producer.



Born in Angra do Heroísmo (1980), he is a writer and screenwriter. He was part of the creative teams responsible for multiple television programs, including: "Zapping", "Tempo de Viver", "Equador", "Grandes Livros", "5 para a Meia Noite", "Brainstorm", "Na Corda Bamba" or "Mal-Amanhados - Os Novos Corsários das Ilhas". He was culture editor of A Capital, film critic for the i newspaper, and is a regular contributor to Observador. He has published Heartbreak Hotel (Poetry, Livramento, 2006), Todas as Viúvas de Lisboa (Novel, Quetzal, 2009) and Histórias Secretas De Reis Portugueses (History, Casa das Letras, 2012), among others. O Boato - Introdução Ao Pessimismo (Aforismos, Companhia das Ilhas, 2013) is included in the Azores Regional Reading Plan. Heartbreak Hotel (Poesia, Livramento, 2006), Todas as Viúvas de Lisboa (Romance, Quetzal, 2009) e Histórias Secretas De Reis Portugueses (História, Casa das Letras, 2012), entre outros. O Boato – Introdução Ao Pessimismo (Aforismos, Companhia das Ilhas, 2013) está incluído no Plano Regional de Leitura dos Açores.



45 anos, é escritor, argumentista, director da revista Grotta e do Encontro Arquipélago de Escritores. É autor de livros como “Céu Nublado com Boas Abertas”, “Morrer é Não Ter Nada nas Mãos” e “A Mais Absurda das Religiões” e de peças como “Em Mudanças” e “Mundo Distante”. Há muitos anos que colabora com diversos órgãos de comunicação social. Neste momento tem um programa na Antena 3 chamado Melancómico. Costuma trabalhar na área do documentário biográfico. Co-fundou a produtora Alga Viva.



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