The Legend of the Four Seasons Little Man – A resilience footprint


The work “The Legend of the Four Seasons Little Man – A resilience footprint”, written by Teresa Vicente and illustrated by Urbano, with texts in four languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, is a work that appeals to the minds and hearts of its readers.
Dealing with the meaning of resilience, which emerged from the investigation for the author’s PhD, this work seeks to place a seed of hope for present and future generations through the four seasons little man, who portrays nothing more than that same message of love and the overcoming of ourselves and the obstacles that we encounter in our paths, arising therein new and beautiful life cycles.

The purpose of this book is also to create a fund, “A Resilience Footprint”, to support projects promoting Disaster Risk Reduction, in all countries where the book will be sold.


Authors: Teresa Vicente (text) & Urbano (Drawings)


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01 – DEZ – 2018


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