Jénifer, or a French Princess


Jénifer, or a French Princess – The (Truly) Unknown Islands


Tradução para inglês do livro Jénifer, ou a Princesa da França, as ilhas (realmente) desconhecidas, de Joel Neto.

Jenifer is a child searching for a way out, and Joel is a man looking for a story. The two meet in a public housing project in the Azores, Portugal’s poorest region, a breeding ground for alcoholism and domestic violence, sexual abuse and incest, drug trafficking, school failure, and social exclusion, among many other signs of human underdevelopment. A question floats in the background: how can Jenifer transcend her parents’ gloomy condition? She has a plan.

Autor: Joel Neto


Wild and precious Jenifer Armelim — ten years old and pale — will shatter your heart. She dreams of being a ballerina, an organic farmer, or a unicorn or a French Princess; she commandeers tractors. But she also drops into sea-meditating silences. Joel Neto gazes with reportorial courage at the public-housing residents behind a picture-postcard view of the Azores, conducting a detective’s search for the kingpin in a landscape of drugs and poverty. The result is a novelistic cry of anguish: Why do the powerful reign with impunity? Jenifer’s older sister, Mara, with her olive leather skirt, suffers a sadly predictable fate — but few readers will foresee her story’s shocking twist. What lies in Jenifer’s future? Extraordinary and daring, violent and tender, Jenifer, or a French Princess is the perfect book to introduce award-winning Neto to an American readership: By voicing truth from soul and marrow, this is in fact the best kind of love song, an aria to one of the most gorgeous spots on earth but also to its flesh-and-blood people.

Katherine Vaz

Author of Above the Salt, Mariana, Fado & Other Stories, Our Lady of the Artichokes, Saudade


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Joel Neto

Joel Neto (b. 1974) is the author, among others, of the novels Arquipelago and Meridiano 28, as well as the diaries A Vida no Campo, which won him the APE Grand Prize. He was born on the island of Terceira, spent 20 years in Lisbon — where he wrote for almost all the major national newspapers — and returned to the Azores in 2012. Since then, he has lived in a place known as Dois Caminhos, where he looks after a garden, two dogs, and a baby.

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