Begs & Friends - A Mini Adventure in the Azorean Sea (For Children)


Begs & Friends – A Mini Adventure in the Azorean Sea

Begs lived happily in the Azores, with her friends Maria and Sem Nome, until one day a very strange object appeared. What would it be? Live this exciting adventure with Begs, and discover why it is important to take care of the oceans. There is also a book for the older ones, so that you can exchange ideas after reading.

“Begs & Friends – A mini adventure in the Azorean sea” is a book that aims to stimulate a taste for reading, both for pre-reading children and children in the initial reading phase. It also intends to promote, among the youngest, the awareness of the importance of the role of each one in the preservation of the Ocean and alert to the consequences of human actions on it.

The book for young people (> 14) and adults “Begs & Friends – The start of an adventure in the Azorean sea” complements this book, offering educators extra information about Begs and her mission, about the Azorean sea and its history.

Together, these books are intended to stimulate conversations about ocean conservation, not only in schools, but also within families. Both books also work individually.

As a way for this important message to reach everyone, both books have a Portuguese and English version.

Begs & Bags is a transmedia storytelling label. We tell stories about the oceans, marine species and the threats to marine life, while exploring materials and processes to create sustainable items.


Autora: Joana Ávila    Ilustração: Juvenal Castro    Fotografia Subaquática: Nuno Sá


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