Into the Azorean Sea


Into the Azorean Sea

The Azores Islands, a Portuguese archipelago located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, have a rich cultural heritage that includes a vibrant tradition of poetry. Like much of the literature from the region, Azorean poetry is heavily influenced by the islands’ natural beauty, with many poems reflecting the volcanic landscapes, the lush green pastures, and the ever-changing seas surrounding the islands. Azorean poets often draw on the region’s history, folklore, and religious and cultural traditions to create evocative and memorable works. Many Azorean poets have achieved national and international acclaim, and their work continues to be celebrated by scholars, poets, and readers alike. Overall, the poetry of the Azores Islands is a testament to this remarkable archipelago’s rich literary and cultural heritage. This collection focuses on the Azorean experience within the archipelago and the Azorean Diaspora in North America. The poets in this anthology are multi-generational and from various literary experiences and cultural landscapes. They are all united through the Azorean Spirit, independently of latitude or language.

“Our isolation probably led to our love of literature and the need to “communicate” with others and ourselves.  Poetry is very much loved and cultivated here.”

Vamberto Freitas in an interview by Oona Patrick for Provincetown Arts


Organização e Tradução: Diniz Borges


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Organização e Tradução: Diniz Borges

Born in Terceira Island, Azores, emigrated with his family to the United States when he was ten. He has translated numerous works of poetry, prose, and essays. As a weekly oped writer for several newspapers in the Azores and the Azorean Diaspora in the United States and Canada, he focuses on issues of integration, acculturation, and identities, as well as literary, political, and social analyses. Diniz Borges teaches and researches at the California State University Fresno, where he founded and is the director of the Portuguese Beyond Bordes Institute (PBBI).

Translated books and anthologies

• On a Leaf of Blue — Bilingual Anthology of Azorean Contempo- rary Poetry, U.C. Berkeley, 2003

• I No Longer Like Chocolates – translation with Katherine Baker of a novel by Alamo Oliveira.Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, 2006.

• My Californian Friends – translation of a collection of poetry from Portuguese to English with K. Baker, works of poet Vasco Pereira da Costa. Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, 2009.

• The Portuguese Presence in California – translation of the his- torical book of the Portuguese-American experience with K. Baker and B. Chamberlain, 2009.

• A Love Story – for a portrait of the Portuguese at Lajes Field and the affections that time left behind. (Translation of the story of the Lajes Base in Terceira Island written by Joel Neto), CRT, Tercei- ra, 2020.

• Caligraphy of the Birds – translation of the poetry of the Azo- rean poet Angela de Almeida. Nona Poesia and Bruma Publications, 2022.

Through the Walls of Solitude – translation of a poetry collec- tion to English from Azorean Poet Álamo Oliveira. Bruma Publications and Letras Lavadas, 2023.

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