Terrestrial Fauna of the Azores – A Field Guide


Terrestrial Fauna of the Azores – A Field Guide

The field guide Terrestrial Fauna of the Azores, a tool developed by António M. Frias Martins (molluscs), Paulo A. V. Borges (arthropods) and Virgílio Vieira (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals), professors and researchers at the University of the Azores, has the purpose of helping teachers and incite the curiosity of students and the general public, providing information about these animals in the classroom and helping to distinguish between similar-looking individuals, but not necessarily related, during their fieldwork activities. In the “Introduction” to the field guide proper, the authors included considerations on the geography and geology, climate, population, flora and terrestrial fauna of the Azores, and also about species conservation, followed by instructions for using the guide and 200 sheets (250 animals). The publication concludes with a bibliographic list, and indexes of scientific and common names. The sets of sheets start with an introductory text and are organized sequentially according to the evolutionary succession of each phylum (i.e., Mollusca, Arthropoda and Chordata). Each species sheet, illustrated with photographs, contains information on the taxonomy, common name, morphology, habitat, way of life, distribution and also some of the peculiarities of the species. The higher education and knowledge acquired by the authors in field work should be taken as a guarantee of the meritorious quality of this field guide and support for it to be recommended.

Luís M. Arruda

Authors: Virgílio Vieira, Paulo A. V. Borges e António M. de Frias Martins

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Virgílio Vieira

Virgílio VieiraPhD in Biology – Animal Ecology (2001), University of the Azores. Researcher of the Azorean Biodiversity Group/Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (ABG-cE3c), developing his professional activities at the University of the Azores. His main interests are in biodiversity, ecology and insect evolution on the islands, with a special focus on the Azorean diversity of Lepidoptera and the ecology of Odonata. In addition, he participates in research projects aimed at the integrated control of insect pests in agricultural crops. Author/co-author of over one hundred scientific titles, published in national and international journals, including books and several book chapters in the area of ​​sciences; among them are the books Borboletas Nocturnas dos Açores, Borboletas dos Açores: Papilionoidea e Sphingoidea, As libélulas dos Açores e Madeira, Chá dos Açores, Terrestrial Flora of the Azores – a field guide. Member of several scientific and cultural associations, among others, IUCN Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate Specialist Group, Sociedad Hispano-Luso-Americana de Lepidoperología (SHILAP) and Association of Botany of the Azores (ABA).


Paulo A. V. Borges

PhD in Insect Ecology from the University of London in 1997. Researcher of the Azorean Biodiversity Group/Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (ABG-cE3c) and professor at the University of the Azores (FCAA). Director of the ABG-cE3c, and Researcher in charge of the oldest Online Biodiversity Infrastructure in Portugal (2006-), the AZORESBIOPORTAL (http://azoresbioportal.uac.pt/). He has developed his research activity in the area of Macroecology and Conservation of arthropods in island systems, with a particular focus on ecological mechanisms that enhance the conservation of biodiversity on islands. It has a total of 549 publications, of which 206 are international: i) International Scientific Journals with Impact Factor (Thomson ISI) (n= 154); ii) Articles in International scientific journals without Impact Factor (n = 32); iii) Book Chapters (n = 17), iv) Special Editions in Scientific Journals (n= 3).


António M. de Frias Martins

Born in Água d’Alto, São Miguel, Açores (1946). PhD in Biological Sciences (1985), University of Rhode Island (USA). Emeritus Professor of the University of the Azores. Specialized in Systematics of Ellobiidae and Evolution of Azorean terrestrial Gastropoda. Organized the World Congress of Malacology (2013), international workshops for malacological research as well as congresses dealing with science and conservation of the Azorean natural legacy. President of Unitas Malacologica – World Association of Malacology (2010-2013). President of Sociedade Afonso Chaves (scientific and cultural society) and editor of its bulletin Açoreana. Published over one hundred articles in national and international journals, author/co-author of Coastal Ecology of the Açores, Islands of Blue and Green, The Princess’ Ring and Ilhéu de Vila Franca – the perfect volcano, as well as the TV documentary Misty Islands.


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