Between Words


Between Words

Vera Duarte, an African poet hailing from the enchanting island nation of Cabo Verde, has made an indelible mark on the world of literature with her evocative and profound poetry. In this collection, the reader will sample Vera Duarte’s powerful voice for freedom, women’s rights, and racial and social justice, among other themes. With her eloquence, she has become a beacon of hope and empowerment for her fellow Cabo Verdeans and all those who cherish these fundamental values worldwide. Through her poetry, Vera Duarte passionately advocates for the liberation of oppressed voices, emphasizing the importance of individual freedoms and human rights. Her commitment to gender equality and women’s rights is evident in her lyrical compositions, which often depict the resilience and strength of Cabo Verdean women in the face of adversity. She fearlessly addresses pressing social and racial issues, shedding light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities as she advocates for a more just and equitable global society. Vera Duarte’s poetry is a poignant reminder that words can inspire change, ignite activism, and contribute to the ongoing struggle for a better world. Her literary legacy stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who dare to speak truth to power through the art of poetry.

Diniz Borges translator


Author: Vera Duarte


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Author: Vera Duarte

Judge, poet, and fiction writer, graduated with a Law Degree from the University of Lisbon. Member of the Cape Verdean Academies of Letters, of Sciences of Lisbon, Gloriense of Letters. Member of the Institute for African Women in Law. Awarded by the Government and the President of the Republic. Received the North-South Human Rights Awards from the Council of Europe; Tchicaya UTamsi of the Poésie Africaine, Sonangol of Literature, Guerra Junqueiro of Literature, and Prémio CPLP José Aparecido de Oliveira. She published Amanhã Amadrugada (poetry), O Arquipélago da Paixão (poetry), A Candidata (novel), Preces e Súplicas ou os Cânticos da Desesperança (poetry), Construindo a Utopia (essays), Ejercicios poéticos (poetry), A Palavra e os Dias (chronicles), A Matriarca – uma estória de mestiçagens (novel), De Risos & Lágrimas (poetry), A Reinvenção do Mar (poetry), Cabo Verde Um Roteiro Sentimental (essays), Naranjas en el Mar (bilingual poetic anthology), Contos Crepusculares – Metamorfoses (short stories), Desassossegos & Acalantos (micro-tales), Vénus Crioula (novel), Urdindo Palavras no Silêncio dos Dias (poetry) and José Mãos Limpas (short stories).


Tradução: Diniz Borges

emigrated to the United States from the Azores Islands at the age of 10. He teaches and researches at California State University, Fresno where he directs the Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute.   He writes a weekly column for several newspapers on cultural, social, and political issues in the US and the Portuguese Diaspora experience.
Books Published
• América: O Outro Lado do Sonho – 1997
• Uma Outra América – 2001
• Alfred Lewis: Escritor de Emoções – 2002
• América: O Outro Rosto – 2003
• Nem Sempre a Saudade Chora – 2004 (Second Edition in 2020)
• O Outro Lado da Saudade – 2005
• Uma Década Perdida – 2012
• À Sombra da Saudade – 2019
• On a Leaf of Blue – Bilingual Anthology of Azorean Poetry – 2003
• I No Longer Like Chocolates – translation with K. Baker, 2006
• My Californian Friends – translation with K. Baker, 2009
• The Portuguese Presence in California – translation with K. Baker
and B. Chamberlain, 2009
• A Love Story – for a portrait of the Portuguese at Lajes Field
and the affections that time left behind, Joel Neto – 2020
• Calligraphy of the Birds, Ângela de Almeida – 2022
• Through the Walls of Solitude, Álamo Oliveira – 2023
• Into the Azorean Sea – Bilingual Anthology of Azorean Poetry – 2023
• History of the Azores – Questions and Answers, Luís Mendonça – 2023
• Between Words, Vera Duarte – 2023


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